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Our Process

We built our process around you.

Every client is different.

Honestly, we don’t have a set-in-stone process for working with our clients because every client is different with unique needs and wants. So we’re committed to working with you in a way that best suits your preferences and desires. For example, how often you want to meet, how frequently you need information, how we communicate with one another, and so on. However, there are certainly a few touchpoints we believe are vital in the establishment and maintenance of solid, fruitful client-advisor relationships. 


In our experience, the best client-advisor relationships are the ones that span decades. We believe this is because it is essential for clients and advisors to get to know one another and build relationships based on trust. That said, when we meet, there needs to be good chemistry. You need to be comfortable with us, and we need to be comfortable with you. Once we establish we’re a good fit, you can rest assured we’ll be committed to you and your financial well-being for the long haul.


We’re working together to build your financial life and solidify your financial future. Therefore, we believe transparency is critical. We want you to fully understand the information and advice we give you, and trust that we’re always working in your best interest. We want you to know why we make certain suggestions and decisions, and what fees or costs are associated with each product we recommend.

At the same time, we need to know you’re being open and transparent with us. Because we need to truly understand your situation, goals and priorities in order to create a life-guiding plan for you.


When it comes to client-advisor relationships, nothing is more important than trust. You need to trust that we’re always looking out for you and every decision we make is in your best interest. We need to trust that you’re on board with the plan and will work as hard as we will to adhere to your plan and strive to achieve your goals.

That’s not to say you can’t change your plan; financial plans change all the time. We just need to know we’re both working from a place of openness and honesty and we’re mutually committed to building your financial life and future.