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Topics Covered

1. Two Decades of Inflation

2. 401(k) and IRA: A Combined Savings Strategy

3. Charitable Giving Can Be a Family Affair

4. Your Social Security Statement: What's in It for You?

December 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. Rising Healthcare Premiums

2. Should You Speed Up Your Retirement Plans?

3. Year-End 2021 Tax Tips

4. Is Your Business Eligible for the Research and Development Tax Credit?

November 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. To Spend or Not to Spend? 

2. Is a High-Deductible Health Plan Right for You?

3. Following the Inflation Debate.

4. Net Price Calculators Help Gauge College Affordability.



Topics Covered

1. State Income Tax: How Does Your State Compare?

2. Four Reasons to Review Your Life Insurance Needs.

3. Grandparent 529 Plans Get a Boost Under New FASFA Rules.

4. A Map for Your Family

September 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. Tips for Managing an Inheritance.

2. Child Tax Credit for 2021: Will You Get More?

3. Signs of a Scam and How to Resist it.

4. How Long Do Workers Stay with Their Employers?

August 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. Can You Fund Your Retirement?

2. Don't Let Debt Derail Your Retirement

3. Life Insurance Beneficiary Mistakes to Avoid

4. Is it Time to Cut Cable?

July 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. Five Facts About Fatherhood

2. Considerations When Making Gifts to Children

3. Weighing the Pros and Cons of an IRA Rollover

4. New Changes to College Financial Aid and Education Tax Benefits

June 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. IRAs Are Top Tool for Retirement Savings

2. How Well Do You Understand Retirement Plan Rules?

3. Home-Sweet-Home Equity

4. New Changes to College Financial Aid and Education Tax Benefits

May 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. Five Tips to Follow When Applying for a Mortgage

2. Real Estate for Income & Diversification

3. Should You Convert Your Term Life to Permanent Life Insurance

April 2021 Newsletter


Topics Covered

1. A Financial Wellness Plan Can Help Pave the Road to Retirement

2. Due Date Approaches for 2020 Federal Income Tax Returns

3. Tax Filing Information for Coronavirus Distributions

March 2021 Newsletter

February Newsletter

Topics Covered

1. Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2021

2. Watch Out for These Financial Pitfalls in the New Year

3. Tips to Help Control Your Finances During the Pandemic

February Newsletter

January Newsletter

Topics Covered

1. Do You Have a Will?

2. Sequence Risk: Preparing to Retire in a Down Market

3. Watch Out for These Financial Pitfalls in the New Year

4. Four Tips to Help Avoid Burnout While Working from Home

January 2021 Newsletter

December Newsletter

Topics Covered

1. Five Tips to Regain Your Retirement Savings Focus in 2021

2. Sharing Your Money Values Can Be Part of Your Legacy

3. How to Help Maintain a High Credit Score

December 2020 Newsletter

November Newsletter

Topics Covered

1. Year-End 2020 Tax Tips.

2. Is Now a Good Time to Consider a Roth Conversion?

3. Should You Pay Off Student Loans Early or Same More for Retirement?

November 2020 Newsletter